Output:300to 320 Watt

Anti PID:Limited power degradation of ZXM6-HLD120
module caused by PID effect is guaranteed under
strict testing condition for mass production

Grahpene Coating:Graphene coating modules can increase power generation
and self-cleaning, also can save maintainance cost



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Main Categories

Light Double Glass wth Half Cells

Cell Type


Key features

Half Cell Technology:Module RS decreases, FF (fill factor) increases,power gain is stable above 2%, and can be increased by 5~10W

High Efficiency:Graphene coating can increase about 2W of the module efficiency by rising around 0.5% of the light transmission

Better Weak Illumination Response:Lower temperature coefficient and wide spectral
response, higher power output, even under low-light

Easy to install:The module is very light in weight so the installation is easier and transport costs are lower

Warranty:12 years product warranty/30 years output warranty 0.5% Annual Degradation over 30 years

Mechanical Data

Solar cells:Mono 156.75*78.375mm
Cells orientation:120(6×20)
Module dimension:1675×992×30mm(With Frame)
Weight:22 kg
Glass:2.0mm+2.0mm heat strengthened glass
Junction box:IP 68,3 diodes
Cables:4 mm² ,350 mm

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