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Znshine Solar and Naftogaz sign up 33.28MW contract in Ukraine

2020-08-04T18:50:09+08:0004 Aug 20|

Znshine Solar and Naftogaz group have signed a contract for the supply of 33.28MW solar module for Solar Photovoltaic Plant "CHUDNIV" in the Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. The PV plant, due to be ready for operation in November 2020, will be equipped by 73,913 pieces of Znshine’s high-performance 9BB mono PERC modules to produce an estimated

ZNShine Solar modules will power sustainable energy to Enbrujo Café in Colombia

2020-07-28T20:22:23+08:0028 Jul 20|

Enbrujo Cafè, one of the largest coffee producers of Colombia, will produce sustainable coffee through its new photovoltaic plant installed last week. With the intention of becoming more sustainable every day, Enbrujo Cafè’s owners have chosen ZNShine Solar high-technology to power its recent construction rooftop with solar energy. The 46.5 KW PV plant installation, made

Light capturing – the darker a module, the better it captures energy

2020-06-30T17:25:10+08:0030 Jun 20|

Photovoltaic modules are usually black or dark blue and this is due to the finish on the cell surface. We will clarify why the usual appearance in the modules has been like this for so many years. Why are the modules mainly dark blue almost black? It is known that the modules seek to trap

La captura de la luz – Cuanto más oscuro es un módulo, mejor capta la energía

2020-06-30T17:49:42+08:0029 Jun 20|

Los módulos fotovoltaicos suelen ser negros o de azul oscuro y esto se debe al acabado en la superficie de la célula. Vamos a aclarar porqué la apariencia habitual en los módulos es así desde hace tantos años. ¿Por qué los módulos son principalmente azul oscuro casi negro? Es conocido que los módulos buscan atrapar

Solar Modules Size – When Efficiency is the Key

2020-06-26T01:30:27+08:0012 Jun 20|

What is a photovoltaic cell? It has its origin in the year 1839 when Henri Becquerel, a physicist of French origin who dedicated himself to the study of the solar spectrum, magnetism, electricity, and optics, among other things discovered the ability of certain semiconductors to generate electric charges when receiving light incident. Photovoltaic cells (also

ZNSHINE Solar modules achieve “Top Performer” by DNV-GL PV for two consecutive years

2020-07-22T20:21:25+08:0028 May 20|

In PV Module Reliability Scorecard Report 2020 published by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), ZNSHINE Solar was honored as the “Top Performer” in every test due to its outstanding module reliability. PVEL, the leading independent test lab for the global downstream solar industry, publishes every year its PV Module Reliability Scorecard – in partnership with DNV

Solar Modules: Most Common Defects

2020-06-17T21:07:33+08:0022 May 20|

Hundreds of thousands of modules are manufactured daily, which means millions of solar modules per year. The manufacturing process is somewhat complex and although it is highly standardized, there are multiple variants and technologies. At the moment there is none of them that is free of failures and therefore even with a very low incidence

Módulos solares: los defectos más frecuentes

2020-06-10T21:19:58+08:0022 May 20|

A diario se fabrican cientos de miles de módulos lo que implica millones de módulos solares al año. El proceso de manufactura es algo complejo y aunque está muy estandarizado existen múltiples variantes y tecnologías. Por el momento no existe ninguna de ellas que esté libre de fallos y por tanto incluso con una incidencia

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